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void population_hint ( population pop,
int  hintpart 

Hint a part of the population.

If dat_tuplemap contains information that can be used to initialize variable chromosomes in the population (i.e. the user has loaded an XML file that already contains a partial or a full solution), then this function initializes some variable chromosomes.

If dat_tuplemap doesn't contain this information this function does nothing.

If the information in dat_tuplemap conflicts with a domain of a tuple then the dat_tuplemap information is ignored for that tuple and an error is reported.

pop Pointer to the population to be hinted.
hintpart Percent of the population that will be hinted.

Definition at line 1429 of file data.c.

References table_t::chr, debug(), table_t::fitness, chromo_t::restype, population_t::size, population_t::tables, table_t::typenum, and resourcetype_t::var.

      int n,m;
      table *tab;

      int num;


      for(n=0;n<pop->size;n++) {

            if(rand()%100>=hintpart) continue;
            for(m=0;m<tab->typenum;m++) {
                  if(tab->chr[m].restype->var) {
                        table_hint(tab, m);

      debug("Hinted %d tables in a population of %d (%d%%)", 
                  num, pop->size, (num*100)/pop->size);

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